Summer Trend in Fall/Winter Season

Hey, beloved readers! 
Last summer, I checked something cool called "Chalk Pastel Hair Dyed". In the first time, I didn't believe that chalk pastel could replace hair dyes. It made me more curious and I kept searching about it on the internet. Apparently, many people had been doing this stuff on their hair. The method of doing this was easy. You only need soft pastels and a comb. That's it. The result was great. This is suitable for summer. 

The method to dye your hair using soft pastel, NOT oil pastel.

Amazing result.


Right Next To The Christmas Light

Hey beloved readers! 
Merry Christmas! Finally, Christmas is here. Presents are like everywhere. So do surprises and celebrations. Fun! I love Christmas. How about you guys? 

This afternoon, I went to my friend's Christmas celebration. I thought the Christmas celebration might be bad. Turned out, it was really great. Their family was very nice. Beside that, they also got an amazing Christmas tree. There was no regret at all. Delicious food were everywhere. Tasty, crunchy, crispy cookies were at there too. However, the point is, there was no regret at all. 

What I Wore: my sister blouse, short from Polo Ralph Lauren, belt from Polo Ralph Lauren, clutch bought in Singapore, hat from Payless ShoeSource

Yup! I love self-portrait! ;)

Again, Merry Christmast! 

Jess <3


Happy National Mother's Day

Hey beloved readers!
Yeah.. Two days ago was National Mother's Day in my country, Indonesia. Happy National Mother's Day to all mother around Indonesia. And also Happy National Mother's Day to my mother. Love her to infinity and beyond <3

Last two nights, I had dinner with my family, not only my parents and siblings, there were also my great grandma, my grandma, my cousins, and more. We had a big family dinner only for celebrating this National Mother's Day.

What I Wore: Turtle-neck long sleeve shirt from Giordano, skirt from random, bag from Mango, shoes from Forever 21

Turtle-neck long sleeve shirt is really suitable for this fall/winter season. Instead of pairing this shirt with long pants, I pair it with this black skirt for a dressy look, which really suitable for this occasion. I really love this nude flats from Forever 21. They can make an outfit look much more feminist and girly. 

Oh yeah... Today is Christmas Eve. 

Happy Christmas Eve, guys! Bye! <3
P.S. Stay Tuned!! 



Doom's Day or Friday?

What I Wore: Shirt from PepperPlus (Singapore Boutique), rompers from my aunt, belt from Polo Ralph Lauren, DIY shoes

Hey beloved readers! 
"The end of the world!", "Doom's Day!", "Apocalypse Day!", is all I read at my Twitter timeline. I was like, OMG! If today was really the end of the world, let's just spend our quality time with people we love or doing things we like instead of whining or complaining on Twitter. Right?

Anyway, this is my outfit for today. 

I guess today was only an ordinary Friday. After all, thanks to God that today wasn't the end of the world because I still wanna explore the world. By the way, this is how I celebrating my Friday night. lol

God knows the best because today isn't the end of the world! <3

Jess <3


Preppy Thursday

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 What I Wore: bro's white blouse from Crocodile, sweater from mango, bag from Mango, denim black short from random, socks from Singapore, mom's shoes

Hey friends! 
The weather here was really crazy since last night. It kept raining until this noon. Last night, I set my air conditioner's temperature colder coz' I thought that the rain might stop in a couple of minutes. The next morning, I woke up. As I got up, I was about to FREEZE, which makes the afternoon weather BREEZE. 

I bet some of you might think why don't I wear my own blouse instead of my bro's blouse. The reason is I realize that most woman's blouse collar tends to be thinner, which makes the collar harder to appear. Especially when you want to do layering. I really like the socks print. They are really cute. They also look playful. 

Bye! ;)

Jess <3


Edgy Tuesday

What I Wore: denim jacket from ESPRIT, dress from Malaysia, studded bracelet from my friend

Hi beloved readers! 

Talking about Tuesday, it was kinda boring. I spent my Tuesday at my home surfing the internet, listening to classic music and read books. As I get bored with the internet and books, I wandered around my bed room to figure out what other thing could I do so I won't get bored anymore. Then, SNAP! In all of sudden, these outfit popped out from my head and I was happy about it. 

What I liked about this outfit was the cute and feminist small floral pattern. But that time, I preferred edgy look more than feminist. By adding denim jacket, this outfit looked trendy. The studded bracelet and leather bracelet made this outfit looked much more edgy. You can pair this outfit with a pair of black heels, for an edgy look or boots, for a playful country girl. 

I learned something today. Boredom can inspire you and give you idea in the same time. lol

Jess <3


Casual Monday

What I Wore: shirt from Giordano, pants from Polo Ralph Lauren, shoes from Converse.

Photographs by Edward W. 

Hey Beloved Readers! 
Monday was really interesting. Especially, when you realized that you don't need to wake up so early to go to school. In other words, when it's HOLIDAY!!! I couldn't believe it's finally holiday. I feel really great when it comes to holiday. There are so much extraordinary things to do. Oh yeah!! 

Anyway, I think this outfit is really preppy and casual. This outfit is also comfortable to wear. I love outfits which are preppy. They look simple. Just like a quote which is said by Leonardo Da Vinci. "Simplicity is the ultimate of sophistication." 

I wish all of you have a great and fun holiday.

Jess <3 


Simple Sunday

Hello Sunday! <3 
Everybody loves Sunday. So do I. 
Today, I had my lunch with my family in Grand Ocean Restaurant. It was an interesting family lunch. We chatted and joked a lot. It was fun. 

I kept everything simple in my today family lunch outfit. 



Since this is my first blog, I want to say 'Hi!' to all of you guys. 

I would like to talk about my blog a bit. The reasons why I do this fashion-life blog is because I want to find a new hobby. Hopefully, I can inspire you guys too. 

For me, fashion is something that you can't live without. Because fashion can makes you look good. It can also makes you feel more confidence. Fashion can express who you are. And there's so much more!!

A wise man once said, "Life is precious." Well, I really agree with this statement. It's okay if you worry about a particular thing, but it's bad if you keep worrying things all the time. Let's keep our happiness and problems balance. Be happy with your life. Enjoy your life by doing things you like. Be adventurous! :) 

So, start from now, I will keep blogging about fashion and life blog. I hope you enjoy. 

Jess <3