Casual Monday

What I Wore: shirt from Giordano, pants from Polo Ralph Lauren, shoes from Converse.

Photographs by Edward W. 

Hey Beloved Readers! 
Monday was really interesting. Especially, when you realized that you don't need to wake up so early to go to school. In other words, when it's HOLIDAY!!! I couldn't believe it's finally holiday. I feel really great when it comes to holiday. There are so much extraordinary things to do. Oh yeah!! 

Anyway, I think this outfit is really preppy and casual. This outfit is also comfortable to wear. I love outfits which are preppy. They look simple. Just like a quote which is said by Leonardo Da Vinci. "Simplicity is the ultimate of sophistication." 

I wish all of you have a great and fun holiday.

Jess <3 

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