Doom's Day or Friday?

What I Wore: Shirt from PepperPlus (Singapore Boutique), rompers from my aunt, belt from Polo Ralph Lauren, DIY shoes

Hey beloved readers! 
"The end of the world!", "Doom's Day!", "Apocalypse Day!", is all I read at my Twitter timeline. I was like, OMG! If today was really the end of the world, let's just spend our quality time with people we love or doing things we like instead of whining or complaining on Twitter. Right?

Anyway, this is my outfit for today. 

I guess today was only an ordinary Friday. After all, thanks to God that today wasn't the end of the world because I still wanna explore the world. By the way, this is how I celebrating my Friday night. lol

God knows the best because today isn't the end of the world! <3

Jess <3

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