Edgy Tuesday

What I Wore: denim jacket from ESPRIT, dress from Malaysia, studded bracelet from my friend

Hi beloved readers! 

Talking about Tuesday, it was kinda boring. I spent my Tuesday at my home surfing the internet, listening to classic music and read books. As I get bored with the internet and books, I wandered around my bed room to figure out what other thing could I do so I won't get bored anymore. Then, SNAP! In all of sudden, these outfit popped out from my head and I was happy about it. 

What I liked about this outfit was the cute and feminist small floral pattern. But that time, I preferred edgy look more than feminist. By adding denim jacket, this outfit looked trendy. The studded bracelet and leather bracelet made this outfit looked much more edgy. You can pair this outfit with a pair of black heels, for an edgy look or boots, for a playful country girl. 

I learned something today. Boredom can inspire you and give you idea in the same time. lol

Jess <3

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