Happy National Mother's Day

Hey beloved readers!
Yeah.. Two days ago was National Mother's Day in my country, Indonesia. Happy National Mother's Day to all mother around Indonesia. And also Happy National Mother's Day to my mother. Love her to infinity and beyond <3

Last two nights, I had dinner with my family, not only my parents and siblings, there were also my great grandma, my grandma, my cousins, and more. We had a big family dinner only for celebrating this National Mother's Day.

What I Wore: Turtle-neck long sleeve shirt from Giordano, skirt from random, bag from Mango, shoes from Forever 21

Turtle-neck long sleeve shirt is really suitable for this fall/winter season. Instead of pairing this shirt with long pants, I pair it with this black skirt for a dressy look, which really suitable for this occasion. I really love this nude flats from Forever 21. They can make an outfit look much more feminist and girly. 

Oh yeah... Today is Christmas Eve. 

Happy Christmas Eve, guys! Bye! <3
P.S. Stay Tuned!! 


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