Since this is my first blog, I want to say 'Hi!' to all of you guys. 

I would like to talk about my blog a bit. The reasons why I do this fashion-life blog is because I want to find a new hobby. Hopefully, I can inspire you guys too. 

For me, fashion is something that you can't live without. Because fashion can makes you look good. It can also makes you feel more confidence. Fashion can express who you are. And there's so much more!!

A wise man once said, "Life is precious." Well, I really agree with this statement. It's okay if you worry about a particular thing, but it's bad if you keep worrying things all the time. Let's keep our happiness and problems balance. Be happy with your life. Enjoy your life by doing things you like. Be adventurous! :) 

So, start from now, I will keep blogging about fashion and life blog. I hope you enjoy. 

Jess <3

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