Preppy Thursday

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 What I Wore: bro's white blouse from Crocodile, sweater from mango, bag from Mango, denim black short from random, socks from Singapore, mom's shoes

Hey friends! 
The weather here was really crazy since last night. It kept raining until this noon. Last night, I set my air conditioner's temperature colder coz' I thought that the rain might stop in a couple of minutes. The next morning, I woke up. As I got up, I was about to FREEZE, which makes the afternoon weather BREEZE. 

I bet some of you might think why don't I wear my own blouse instead of my bro's blouse. The reason is I realize that most woman's blouse collar tends to be thinner, which makes the collar harder to appear. Especially when you want to do layering. I really like the socks print. They are really cute. They also look playful. 

Bye! ;)

Jess <3

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