Photographs by: Charlotte W.

What I Wore:
 H&M short, Forever 21 denim shirt and mom's MCM vintage bag. 

Hey guys!! It has been a long time not updating my blog. Anyway, I paired my abstract short with a polkadot belt, which is basically created a pattern-on-pattern style. In order to not look so overcrowded, I wore my pattern-on-pattern outfit with my cozy denim shirt. Last but not least, I wore my outfit with a vintage MCM detailed bag and a pair of detailed sandal. And off we go! It's all bout details, details and details. Have a great day! ;)

Jess <3


Holiday Photos Diary: Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Hey loves! 
How's your holiday? Mine is great, but spending my holiday in Subang Jaya is much better than in my hometown, Medan. Well, Subang Jaya is nearby Kuala Lumpur. It takes 30 minutes to go to Kuala Lumpur from Subang Jaya and vice versa. What I love about this place are the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre and other attractions. Honestly saying, the shopping centers in KL are much better. 

Here are some pictures from my holiday! Enjoy! 

 "Nowadays, people took picture of the food before eat." I totally agree with this statement. Not only me who takes picture of food before it. Everybody do it now! :P

I really love to watch sunrise! <3 

Nando's *yummy*

Yup! I love unique ceiling.

Really wish that I know how to ice-skate!

Random island! Bye Malaysia! 

A week in Subang Jaya was awesome. This trip was planned unexpectedly because of a medical check-up. Let's just called it as an "emergency trip" or whatsoever. 

Anyway, I have my holiday for another 3 weeks. How about you guys? I really hope you can enjoy your holiday as much as I do or more than I do. Happy holiday!

Jess <3


Hello Holidays!

Hey loves!
Those stress days with exams has finally ended. I can't tell you how happy I am. It's officially the beginning of holidays. I can dream in my sleep as long as I want, having movies marathon with my girlfriends, shopping and doing other exciting things without any worry. I just love holidays!

Yesterday, my friends and I had so much fun in the shopping center. It was terrific to start my holiday with them. Love them!! <3 <3 <3 

I really love the summer maxi dress that I wore. It is very flowy and comfortable. I bought this dress about a year ago. I rarely wear this dress though. I love how this dress looks like a two pieces clothes; a shirt and a maxi skirt that are combined into one. :)

Photographs by: Charlotte Watts

What I was wearing:
dress from Harajuku
sandals from local store
clutch from local store in Singapore

Love this candid picture! Anyway, have a lovely summer holidays loves! 

Jess <3


DIY: Studded Shoes

T.G.I.F. and I had an extra holiday today. I didn't feel like to go anywhere. So, I stayed at my home and did nothing until I saw some studs that I bought last month. These pyramid studs always remind me of doing a DIY project on my old shoes that I rarely wore. Because of that, I finally had something to do. Yeay! 

To do this DIY, you will need: 
a pair of shoes

pyramid studs 

a plier

1. Look for a studded shoes design that you like most. Well, mine is from Uncle Google. 
2. Poke the studs through your shoes like in the design you want. 
3. If the studs on your shoes don't look neat, you may pull out the studs from the shoes. With the help of a plier, you can straighten the broken points on the studs. Then, poke them back through the shoes.  
4. Done. You can wear your studded shoes now. 

And here's my final result of my DIY: 

Thanks for reading! 



Jess's Favourite Song List: April

Beside of falling in love with fashion, I can't help falling in love with this thing called MUSIC. Music is my drug, it makes me high when I'm blue, accompanies me dancing, let me calm down and more... I can't even imagine how my life will be without fashion and music. I think my life will be like an "Earth" without "art", which is an "Eh".

Well, here's my "Jess's Favourite Song List" for "April": 

1. Daylight – Maroon 5

2. Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton

3. Pusher Love Girl – Justin Timberlake


That Starbucks Night!

It has been a while, guys. I miss blogging so much. Sadly, I have to miss blogging again because I have to focus on the upcoming national exams. :( However, I'm bad at updating. Have to admit it. :P

Well, last Saturday, I spent my Saturday night with my family around the mall. I didn't really know why suddenly they wanna spend the night in the mall. But, then, it was because my grandma wanna met her old pals and relatives who she hadn't met for a long time. 

After hours had gone by, we decided to go to our favorite coffee shop, Starbucks Coffee. I had this Green Tea Frappuccino Blended Creme which is one of my favorite. Yummy! 

Here's some pictures of my outfit which I wore. Check 'em out! 


Shocking Pink + Abstract Tee

Pink is probably my most favourite colour. I'm not sure why I like pink. But, what I know is pink is an interesting colour. I can't even tell you how much I like abstract art. They look very easy to do, but sometimes, I find they are a little bit hard to do. Well, this tee is just perfectly suit with my favours. 


Yellow Blast!

Well, my cozy holiday had finally ended. I also had to go back to my reality, which is school. I wanted to have a longer holiday. I still wanted to explore and look for more adventurous and challenging things. But, unfortunately, I need to go back to school. 

This is absolutely my first post in 2013. So, I'm starting with my first post with bright outfit. Bright colours are really eye catching. Colours in your outfit can represent your personality and feeling. For today's outfit, I choose yellow. For me, yellow is a passionate and energetic colour. It is also a colour which shows your confidence. That's why sun shines brightly with passion and confidence that can makes you happy.