Shocking Pink + Abstract Tee

Pink is probably my most favourite colour. I'm not sure why I like pink. But, what I know is pink is an interesting colour. I can't even tell you how much I like abstract art. They look very easy to do, but sometimes, I find they are a little bit hard to do. Well, this tee is just perfectly suit with my favours. 

Classy, Casual, and Chic. They are my styles. I prefer to wear casual look here. It is relax to be wear. Here's a tip. I tuck my shirt into my pants here. I also tied my hair into a pony tail to have an additional fresh look. Not just because of a fresh look, it is also because the weather in my town is hot.  

Photographs by: Charlotte W.

I was wearing: 
My favourite tee from Samuel & Kevin
Pants from Colorbox 
Bracelet from local store

Stay tuned, guys!

Jess <3

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