Jess's Favourite Song List: April

Beside of falling in love with fashion, I can't help falling in love with this thing called MUSIC. Music is my drug, it makes me high when I'm blue, accompanies me dancing, let me calm down and more... I can't even imagine how my life will be without fashion and music. I think my life will be like an "Earth" without "art", which is an "Eh".

Well, here's my "Jess's Favourite Song List" for "April": 

1. Daylight – Maroon 5

2. Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton

3. Pusher Love Girl – Justin Timberlake


That Starbucks Night!

It has been a while, guys. I miss blogging so much. Sadly, I have to miss blogging again because I have to focus on the upcoming national exams. :( However, I'm bad at updating. Have to admit it. :P

Well, last Saturday, I spent my Saturday night with my family around the mall. I didn't really know why suddenly they wanna spend the night in the mall. But, then, it was because my grandma wanna met her old pals and relatives who she hadn't met for a long time. 

After hours had gone by, we decided to go to our favorite coffee shop, Starbucks Coffee. I had this Green Tea Frappuccino Blended Creme which is one of my favorite. Yummy! 

Here's some pictures of my outfit which I wore. Check 'em out!