DIY: Studded Shoes

T.G.I.F. and I had an extra holiday today. I didn't feel like to go anywhere. So, I stayed at my home and did nothing until I saw some studs that I bought last month. These pyramid studs always remind me of doing a DIY project on my old shoes that I rarely wore. Because of that, I finally had something to do. Yeay! 

To do this DIY, you will need: 
a pair of shoes

pyramid studs 

a plier

1. Look for a studded shoes design that you like most. Well, mine is from Uncle Google. 
2. Poke the studs through your shoes like in the design you want. 
3. If the studs on your shoes don't look neat, you may pull out the studs from the shoes. With the help of a plier, you can straighten the broken points on the studs. Then, poke them back through the shoes.  
4. Done. You can wear your studded shoes now. 

And here's my final result of my DIY: 

Thanks for reading! 


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