Leopard For Fall

When I was younger, I strongly refused to clothes with animal prints on them. I used to think that these prints are for villains, like "Cruella de vil" in "The Hundred and One Dalmatians." However, as time goes by, I find that animal prints are very playful. In fact, these prints can easily rock a very simple outfit like I did. Maybe, they can also help in creating awesome pattern-on-pattern outfits. 
Looks like, I like to throw a bold coloured bag in a neutral shades or monochromatic outfits.

I was wearing: everything unlabeled, except Mango bag. 

How I wish to wear my coat at Medan! If only rainy days are like fall/winter in the West, I can absolutely rocks my coats and jackets. You know how obsess I am towards layering outfits. Unfortunately, Medan's hot and sweaty weather does not support me to experiment on that kind of outfits. 

Speak of the devil, Halloween is coming soon guys.. I wish you all a very very spooky Halloween. Boo! 

Jess <3

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