Penang Getaway

Finally, I could enjoy a getaway because I was really sick with school and reality. I had a lot of fun with my family in Penang. Delicious hawker food, tolerable walking views, Starbucks coffee every morning, and a "uh.. oh.." moment when my sister, Evelyn & cousin, Beatrice were looking for me. 

So, I decided to not follow them to the Gurney Drive when it rained suddenly. The rain itself wasn't heavy at all, but since I got serious flu and we had a flight to take tomorrow evening, I really had to refuse to accompany them in order to not get too sick. Then, I ended up in a restaurant called Chicago alone because I was very hungry. The problem was I forgot to tell them where I would wait for them. My phone didn't have any toll left. I couldn't text or even LINE them where I am and my dinner had already come and I had no idea whether they had get back to the hotel or wandering around another place. It turned out that, my mother has been calling my phone for MANY times. My phone didn't has any signal. So, I didn't receive any phone calls either from my mother or Eve. After wandering around Chicago, Eve finally found me there. I was quite relieve tho, because I did feel a little bit like a lost kid. The weirdest part is, when I checked my camera, I saw Beatrice and Evelyn were taking a plenty of pictures when they were looking for me, except for selfies. 

I just can't resist this fluffy and cute dog sit in the front seat and looked at the street view. So, I asked my sister to take a photograph of this, since she was the one that carrying the camera. I am a sucker for cute dog.

with Edwin, Garry and Eve 
with Beatrice and Eve <3 #sisters4ever

Apparently, there was an art exhibition by The One Academy in G Hotel. This painting is my most favourite one. If I am not wrong, it is called "the memories of an old man" or "the memories". The reason why I like this painting is because, it gives me that kind of indescribable feeling about life. Below are my other favourite paintings in the exhibition.

Photographs by: Evelyn Wiliem

Excuse my sick face. Despite that fact, my sister still urged me to have the mini photo shoots. 

Anyway, this military-like jacket always match with any simple outfit. It just add some level of sophistication on plain outfits. And you know how much I love comfy outfits. Well, the white shirt and the cool slit-like skirt are really comfy. You can call me weird, but I love to carry backpack whenever I travel. It is just a habit, I guess. 

I really look forward for another getaway. It is really fun. It's like a rehab from all the stress that hit you in the reality. However, whenever you are off to holiday, new or old responsibilities and tasks always attack you like a grenade when you return back. That is the most pain-in-the-ass thing of having getaway, especially when your teacher scold you and then you feel like you almost get detention. -_- 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it like the way Dom Perignon enjoyed champagne from the first time! 

“Come quickly, I am tasting stars,” Dom Perignon

Jess <3

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