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So, my friends and I went to Tjong A Fie Mansion the other day for our travel project. Then, we went to watch Mockingjay Part 1, afterwards. This mansion is actually one of the famous heritage sites in Medan. It has been here for approximately a hundred years, since the 1900s. Yet, we had never visited this place before. From what I gathered, Tjong A Fie was a famous businessman back in the 1900s when the Dutch was colonising Indonesia. This mansion was first open publicly on 2009. Before that it was not a heritage site, but a private mansion own by Tjong A Fie's family.

I was astonished with this mansion. It has such unique and oriental architecture. Love how they locate the furnitures inside, making the interior looks so classy. I still can imagine how the mansion must have looked like at its heyday. I am always obsessed with architecture and interior. It explains why I collect and take many architectural and interior pictures. Of course, tea sets and fresh flower do attract me too.

I was wearing: Nichii crop top, Giordano short 

I bought this white crop top when I visited Penang. It is so minimalistic and edgy at the same time. Love that combination. Topping this crop top with the high-waisted pant create such a simple, yet edgy outfit. I would like to top this crop top with a midi-skirt and a messy bun or romantic waves someday. 

Anyway, have you guys watched Mockingjay Part 1? You guys should watch it. I can't wait for the part 2, like really :(



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