Life of the Party

Hey guys! 
Being sick during holidays is a big NO-NO! It feels like you are unable to do anything fun outside, except for laying on your bed and watch a lot of WongBrosComedy videos on YouTube. 

Anyway, Medan has been insanely hot these past few weeks. It's impossible to pull out your skinny jeans right now. So, I decided to wear something comfortable that enable me to fight the heat. Sometimes, I like collar-shirt. It will always enhance any simple outfit and you can pair it with anything. Seriously anything from shorts to long pants to skirts. (you know what I mean) 

Instead of rocking my sling back like I usually love to do, I switched it into a handy clutch. I am a clutch-lover too.. Occasionally, I love to wear my clutch when I go to wedding receptions or party. It just feels damnnn good... ;p 

I was wearing: H&M Belt and short, Zalora's clutch 

Have you guys checked out Shawn Mendes' "Life of the Party"? You guys should check it. I've been falling in love with most of the songs in his new album. <3 
"We don't have to be ordinary
Make your best mistakes
'Cause we don't have the time to be sorry
So baby be the life of the party"

Jess <3



i think this pic should be featured on iPhone ads lol

Photographs by: my lovely sister, Evelyn Wiliem 
I was wearing: Mango top, Giordano pants, Nike sneaker 

About a week ago, I visited Penang (again). For the first time in forever, travelling overseas is quite bored for me. This is a very odd thing that has happened to me, since I like the idea of going outside of my country and I kinda like Penang on my first visit. Just weird. 

Btw, this is the outfit I wore from Medan to Penang. Never have I thought that I can rock a black and black outfit. Even though I like the idea monochromatic black outfit, that idea just can't suit me perfectly. And that is the reason why I used to think black and black outfit is my worst enemy. Turns out, wearing a black and black outfit, wasn't a bad risk at all. 

This is the hottest summer I have experienced so far in Medan. So, keep the holiday spirit and have a nice one! :P 

Jess <3


Travel Diary: Sipolha

Ola! Happy New Year. Yeah.. my first post in 2015 after for so long. 

A couple days ago, I had just returned from Sipolha for school trip with my friends. Sipolha is really a beautiful place. A place where you can get to know generous heartfelt people and look at the breathtaking view every single day. You'll never get bored of the view. Sipolha is that kind of place that makes you don't wanna leave. The Mother Earth always knows how to amaze you... 

Anyway, here are some recollection of my 5 days vacation photos... 

a sincere selfie on the way to Prapat
we're going on a trip with our favourite ship..  

In order to get to Sipolha, we had to be at the harbour in Prapat. That was why we took bus to Prapat, then get in to the ship to Sipolha. We spent about 1 hour in the ship trip. I am addicted to being in ship and getting the cool breeze already. I wish to have more ship trips next time, without losing your hat when you are enjoying your voyage with you pals

Notice the white hat I was wearing, yeah, that hat was blown by the winds and I've officially lost that favourite hat of mine. :| 

Sipolha doesn't need filter
So, this is it, Horas Sipolha!!! (Horas means Hello in Batak) 

A little details about people who live in Sipolha. 
Sipolha was actually a village. That is why people hardly can find this place. The villagers are commonly Christian and their ethnicity is Bataknese. It explains why you find many churches there. Almost all of their family names are historical and strong. Such as, Damanik. Of course, the villagers always depends on fishery and agricultural to earn money, because Sipolha is surrounded by Lake Toba and the hills around them. This small village is mostly populated by children and elderly as most teenagers and adults are away to town to either having their career or pursuing higher education. 

Below pics are the pics where we visited the people to gave them goodie bags. :) 

Yuliza looks so perfect!! 
Dinner.. We stayed in Mr. Ferry's home. His lovely wife cooked for us food. The first dinner we had was fried sambal fish, with mashed potato leaves and a lot of rice. It is a large portion of meal and a very simple meal, but tasty. 

Started our morning by walking to the top of the hill. Then, staring to this mesmerising view. This is the best sunrise view I've seen so far. I miss waking up to this view already.. :( 

The next thing we did on the afternoon was visiting the vegetables field. They got tomatoes field, corn field, red onion mini-field, rose apple field, potato leaves field and the list go on. You know what I am talking about.. It's like FarmVille 

Also, I tried canoe.. I was terrified tho. haha Fortunately, I tried the canoe because not everyone had the chance to try. 

Just us trying to be silly in front of the camera
(you'll see this a lot) 

Look Out! A BEEHIVE!!! 


I never thought that teaching kids are so much fun. I used to think that teaching kids are the most disastrous things ever as you know most kids are so disobedient. (sorry primary school students... )You just can't control them. Turns out, it wasn't like what I thought. These kids are quite easy to be controlled and taught as long as you keep being active and make them participate. Teaching to these kids somehow makes me feel better and obviously has changed my perspective towards primary school students :P 

We looked so fresh and energetic until we got back from the coffee field. We had to walked down the quite steep hill to get into the coffee plantation. And then, plucking coffee beans competition. The award for the winner is not washing the dishes. My group, group 3 lost the competition, which means we still had to wash the dishes. ._. 

We climbed up the hill to go back to Mr.Ferry's home. Wow.. I can't explain to you how exhausted it is to walked down the hill, plucking the coffee as much as we could and walked up the hill. VERY VERY VERY EXHAUSTED!!! 

The coffee plant
LOOK HOW TIRED YULIZA IS, and me trying to smile in this very tired situation.. 
Despite how tired we were, again the beauty of the Earth took our exhaustion away as the sun slowly set. Again, best sunset I've seen so far. 

We paid a visit to a newborn baby and his mom. He was born around 3 a.m. right on that day in his house. Yes.. This mother gave birth to her baby in her room. That's why, this is a very rare and touching moment. 

This is one of our lunch dishes. I love shrimp, and, yes, this is very yummy!! 

Yuliza and I had the chance to taste the cocoa fruit seed. It taste sour and creamy, but not so much creamy. 
Oh yes, we also visited Pulau Hole. (read Ho-Le, not Hole) :P 

We went there for a swim. I almost decided to not jump in the lake. Now, I am not regret to swim in the lake with my pals. 

Afterwards, we went back for lunch and continued teaching Mr. Ferry's children and his neighbourhood kids some art and craft stuff. 

Then, we went up to the hill and played kite! \m/ That was really amazing, except for the part where many of our kites only flew for around 5 minutes. 

OMG! Without our realisation, we had been in the village for 4 days. We had a farewell party with the villagers. We sang some Batak song. Then, Mr. Ferry had his speech. Our teachers also talked about their speeches. Some of the elder told us some speech too. Speeches supposed to be boring, but theirs are somehow meaningful and inflicting our inner emotion as their speeches reminded us that we were going back to Medan the next day. 

Winson, the representative of male students talked about how he felt in his speech. He was inspiring, frankly. 
I was assigned to speak publicly about how I felt too and became the female students representative. I was really afraid to be a boring speaker. I didn't realise that I accidentally cracked some jokes and the jokes somehow work. Luckily, my speech was not boring. Fiuhh.. 


Today was the day where we should leave this incredible yet divine village. 
Many of us couldn't control our emotion and we shed some tears. Most of us did not have the intention to cry, but somehow the tears were flowing down just like that. 

We were touched by Mr. Ferry and family kindness. Most of us had never met people that are as good as them. Also, we were touched by how this trip has strongly influenced our perspectives of life, such as me. My perspective towards children has somehow been changed. 

Their strong family bond and treating us like their own family bond even we don't share the same bloodline, had strongly tug at our heartstrings. 

This is probably my most memorable and emotional trip I had so far. I really wish I could visit Sipolha again someday. Horas!