i think this pic should be featured on iPhone ads lol

Photographs by: my lovely sister, Evelyn Wiliem 
I was wearing: Mango top, Giordano pants, Nike sneaker 

About a week ago, I visited Penang (again). For the first time in forever, travelling overseas is quite bored for me. This is a very odd thing that has happened to me, since I like the idea of going outside of my country and I kinda like Penang on my first visit. Just weird. 

Btw, this is the outfit I wore from Medan to Penang. Never have I thought that I can rock a black and black outfit. Even though I like the idea monochromatic black outfit, that idea just can't suit me perfectly. And that is the reason why I used to think black and black outfit is my worst enemy. Turns out, wearing a black and black outfit, wasn't a bad risk at all. 

This is the hottest summer I have experienced so far in Medan. So, keep the holiday spirit and have a nice one! :P 

Jess <3

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