Life of the Party

Hey guys! 
Being sick during holidays is a big NO-NO! It feels like you are unable to do anything fun outside, except for laying on your bed and watch a lot of WongBrosComedy videos on YouTube. 

Anyway, Medan has been insanely hot these past few weeks. It's impossible to pull out your skinny jeans right now. So, I decided to wear something comfortable that enable me to fight the heat. Sometimes, I like collar-shirt. It will always enhance any simple outfit and you can pair it with anything. Seriously anything from shorts to long pants to skirts. (you know what I mean) 

Instead of rocking my sling back like I usually love to do, I switched it into a handy clutch. I am a clutch-lover too.. Occasionally, I love to wear my clutch when I go to wedding receptions or party. It just feels damnnn good... ;p 

I was wearing: H&M Belt and short, Zalora's clutch 

Have you guys checked out Shawn Mendes' "Life of the Party"? You guys should check it. I've been falling in love with most of the songs in his new album. <3 
"We don't have to be ordinary
Make your best mistakes
'Cause we don't have the time to be sorry
So baby be the life of the party"

Jess <3